Peter Vieweger is an Austrian musician, producer, and composer. His father bought him his first guitar when he was 11. From that moment he was determined to play the guitar, and learned by listening to the most influential and important rock music guitarists of all time – artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. After completing his High School, he studied instrumental music and guitar at the University of Vienna. He also attended the Conservatory of Music to study jazz and learn music arrangements.

He formally started to work in the music business in 1972. Peter was the guitarist and composer of the rock theater band “Drahdiwaberl” from 1972 until 1981. Meanwhile, from 1974 to 1980, he had a second band called “Spinning Wheel” where he was the band leader, guitarist, and composer. During the same period, in 1983 he also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as a singer and composer with one of his bands named “Westend”, and they reached the top 10 in the grand finale.

He finally left the two bands and from 1980 to 1987, he was the band leader and guitarist for the Austrian pop star “Falco”, famous for the 1986 worldwide No.1 hit song “Rock me Amadeus’’, and who sold more than 60 million albums before his tragic death. In 1984, while still composing, he began producing music, and now has over 400 songs published.

Moving on into the 21st century, in 2004, he became a board member of AKM, the Austrian Collective Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers. Around the same time, he also became a board member of Gföm, the Foundation for Composers and Authors of Austria, and is still a member of both Societies.

In 2007, he became a founding member of the Austrian Music Foundation and is a current board member. As such Peter continues to be a keen supporter of the development of musical artists.

In June 2013, he was the Vice-President of AKM, the Austrian Collective Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers until he became the President in 2018.

Throughout all those years, aside Falco, Peter has worked with many other artists such as Shirley Bassey, Inga and Annette Humpe, Kottan’s Kapelle, DÖF, Stefan Remmler (Trio), Taylor Dayne, Bonnie Bianco, Hubertus Von Hohenlohe, Charlie Watts, Mimi, Nina Proll, Michelle Romance, Oota Dabun, Gabriella, Wolfgang Von Zorn, Bolschoi Beat, Kapitän Wolf and many more. He has worked on more than 80 productions.



Drahdiwaberl – Psychoterror GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1981
Kapitän Nemo – (Sie Sagte) Abracadabra GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1982
Drahdiwaberl – Psychoterror GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1982
Drahdiwaberl – McRonalds Massaker GiG Records Austria & Telefunken Germany 1982
Spinning Wheel – Im Dschungel GiG Records  Austria & TELDEC Germany 1982
Falco – Einzelhaft GiG Records Austria, Germany, Finland, Italy 1982
Falco – Einzelhaft A&M Records USA, UK, Philippines, Greece, Peru,
Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Spain, Brazil 1982
Various ‎– Die Neuen Spitzen K-Tel Germany 1982
Various – Grand Prix Hits Eurovision Diskos Yugoslavia 1983
Westend – Hurricane + (International Version) GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany, CBS Europe, CBS Netherlands 1983
Drahdiwaberl – Die Galeere GiG Records Germany 1983
DÖF – Tauchen – Prokopetz GiG Records Austria, Spain, Switzerland & WEA Germany 1983
Various – Super Hits Aktuell – Hurricane SR International Germany 1983
Drahdiwaberl – Werwolfromantik GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1983
Falco – Einzelhaft A&M Records Australia, Portugal 1983
Kottan’s Kapelle – Kottan’s Kapelle GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1984
Kottan’s Kapelle – Wo Bleibt Der Detektiv GiG Records Austria 1984
DÖF – Uh-Uh-Uh Mir Bleibt Die Luft Weg WEA Germany 1984
Humpe Humpe – Geschrien Im Schlaf WEA Europe 1985
Humpe Humpe – Happiness is to hard to take WEA Europe, Germany, UK,  USA, Canada, Brazil, Warner Bros Records USA 1985
Drahdiwaberl – Mulatschag GiG Records Austria 1985
Joesi Prokopetz – Na Guat Daunn Net GiG Records Germany 1985
Joesi Prokopetz – Parkverbot GiG Records Austria, GiG Records Germany 1985
DÖF – Tag Und Nacht GiG Records Germany 1985
Jul Lekey – Lucky Streak Turbo Music Austria 1986
Falco – Einzelhaft A&M Records Japan 1986
Drahdiwaberl – Jeanny Rache GiG Records Austria 1986
Humpe Humpe – Geschrien Im Schlaf – Remix WEA Germany 1986
Various – Mir San Die Champions Johnny Austria 1987
Falco – Einzelhaft TELDEC Germany 1987
Robert Zimmermann – We’re All Special ‎ Fontana, Phonogram, Germany 1988
Max. – Dorothy WEA Germany 1989
Various – WEA News – Woman WEA Germany 1989
Max. – Your Eyes WEA Germany 1990
Annette Humpe – Solo Mercury Germany 1990
Max. & Maria Colors RCA Germany 1992
You Know Who – Andy EMI Music UK, EMI Austria,  EMI United Kingdom 1993
You Know Who – Busy Going No Where EMI Austria 1993
Mimi –  Two together Red Rooster Records Europe, Red Rooster Records Germany 1995
Cyberia – Agressive + Shy 7th District Austria 1995
Mimi – Don’t you wake me up Red Rooster Records Europe 1996
Falco – Einzelhaft GiG Records Europe, GiG Records Austria & TELBEC Germany 1996
Humpe Humpe – Happiness is to hard to take WEA Germany 1996
Mimi – Shock The Ice Red Rooster Records Germany 1996
Drahdiwaberl – Die Größten Hits Aus Österreich Reverso, Ariola 1997
Falco – Live Forever EastWest Germany 1999
DÖF – Tauchen – Prokopetz GiG Records Austria 2000
Drahdiwaberl – Jeannys Rache GiG Records Austria 2000
Viva La Poesia – Schule Für Dichtung Wien Alphabet Musikverlags Gmbh Austria 2002
Various – Austro Pop Show Ans – Rostige Flügel Ariola Austria 2004
Nina Proll – 12 Songs, Nicht Die Schlechtesten GiG Records 2004
Drahdiwaberl – Sitz-Pinkler Rock Syndicate Vienna / VÖM ‎ 2004
Kottan’s Kapelle ‎– Austropop Kult Sony BMG Music Entertainment Austria 2005
Drahdiwaberl – Austropop Kult Sony BMG Music Entertainment Austria 2005
Humpe Humpe – The platinum Collection Warner Platinum Germany 2006
Falco – Einzelhalf – (25th Anniversary Edition) Sony BMG Music Entertainment Europe 2007
Falco – Live Forever Никитин, Russia 2008
Johann K. – Wo San Nur Die Zeiten Hin Sony BMG Music Entertainment Austria 2008
Austro Pop Parade, Vol. 1 Sony Music Entertainment 2010
Austropop Forever, Vol. 4 Universal 2010
Falco – Einzelhaft Ariola Germany 2011
Oota Dabun – Ani Kuni Oota Dabun Records Europe 2011
Oota Dabun – Night Bird Oota Dabun Records Europe 2012
Michelle Romance – Mille Carats ODD Records Canada 2013
Austrozone Vol. 2 Universal 2014
Gabriella – Cloud in the sky Vega Music 2015
Gabriella – The Story of Oak & Leafless (2 songs) Vega Music 2015
Kapitän Wolf – Arschbombe Xtreme Sound 2015
Wolfgang Von Zorn – Gnadenschuss DumDum Records 2015
Bolschoi Beat – Kosmonauten der Liebe Beatland 2015
Coco Radar – Bambari Radar Musik Europe 2015
Austrozone Vol. 3 Universal 2015
Kapitän Wolf – 7 Mosquitos Xtreme Sound 2016
Bloodsucking Zombies – Bloody Unholy Christmas (Der Kommissar) Monkey 2016
Saby Cheek – Like I Love You Saby Cheek 2016
Kapitän Wolf (feat. Caroline) – Banane Xtreme Sound 2017
Falco – 60 Sony Music 2017
Oota – Die Sonne Oota Music 2018
Kapitän Wolf – Polterabend Xtreme Sound 2018
Various Artists – Granicari Beatland 2018


Feegee was the band leader and guitarist for the Austrian pop star “Falco”

Falco - Wiener Blut